At Drake-Scruggs, we are proud to supply Delphi Body Works’ Challenger 2900 Series and 3400 series bucket trucks. Delphi Body Works outfits vehicles with safe, reliable aerial work platforms for the traffic signal, sign and utility industries. The Challenger 2900 Series features a traversing platform. And the Challenger 3400 Series features a telescoping ladder and a platform that rotates 360 degrees.

Delphi Body Works prides themselves on manufacturing quality and providing custom equipment for an array of industries. A family owned company since 1848, Delphi Body works is one of Indiana’s oldest manufacturers. They remain a leading work truck manufacturer because of their ability to adapt with the industry, provide superior craftsmanship and personal service to our customers.

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Challenger 2900  Series Aerial

Challenger 2900 Series Aerial


Challenger 3400 Series Aerial