Mechanic Service Trucks

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Crane-BodiesDrake-Scruggs Equipment offers the highest quality mechanic service trucks and truck-mounted cranes. Our knowledgeable staff has the expertise to help you choose the mechanic service truck system that best suits your needs. Whether you’re a mechanic, municipal, heavy-equipment servicer or in construction, Drake-Scruggs has the right trucks system for you.

Mechanic service trucks from Knapheide are versatile enough to work in almost any industry. From one application to the next, the Knapheide mechanic service trucks continues to exceed the expectations of our customers. Knapheide’s Crane Body line can withstand everything from light to heavy duty working environments while giving you the best protection against rust and corrosion. Coupling a Knapheide mechanic service trucks with a Stellar Service Crane will make your job get done faster, more efficiently and more easily.

As a pioneer and leading name in innovation for over 55 years, Auto Crane sets the industry standard in telescoping service cranes. Offering one of the safest service cranes available, it can protect people from injury and property from damage while maintaining the capability to lift 100% of the crane’s load capacity. Auto Crane is proven in the field under heavy-duty demands, delivering long-term service life and low total cost of ownership.

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