Cable Splicing Bodies

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team fenex trailerTeam Fenex Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers are fitted to your choice of truck. They feature all-aluminum, low weight construction. In turn, you get cost-effective, eco-friendly durability and high payload capacity.

These trailers are fully enclosed and specially equipped for optic communications cable. Included are an electric power source and environmental controls. Inside you’ll find convenient work surfaces and equipment storage areas. We can also install a wide range of optional equipment to customize your trailer.

team fenex trailer
team fenex interior

The roof on the Fiber Optic Splicing Lab is a single, seamless sheet of 18-gauge aluminum. It has beveled corners overlapping the side walls. The sheet is bonded to a system of formed aluminum trusses on a welded frame. An R-11 insulated wall board insulates the interior, providing a comfortable and clean environment. Solid floor decking is made from extruded aluminum. And medium voltage wiring is enclosed in metallic conduit for safety. This setup allows for future expansion and/or maintenance requirements. Team Fenex is a proven line of fiber optic splicing labs.

Request a quote on a Team Fenex today or contact our office with any general questions. We will listen carefully, to help you find the right truck body to achieve your operational goals.