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Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc. is dedicated to creating product innovations for truck dump bodies, hoists and platforms. They offer high quality products that will make your truck work for you.

For those of you seeking light-duty applications, you’ll find a variety of dump bodies to meet your needs, including a stainless steel body that offers added protection for heavier contents. Crysteel’s product lines of light dump bodies are suited for municipalities, landscapers and light construction contractors.

medium to heavy duty dump truck

Crysteel also offers medium to heavy-duty body trucks for larger and more strenuous loads. Each line has been created to meet the needs of contractors who want to increase payloads while decreasing time spent working. In fact, Crysteel even has a “Build It Your Way” program that allows you to design your dump truck with your specifications, without the added cost and lead times typical of custom products.

Here for Bloomington Customers

Interested in a Crysteel product? Contact Drake-Scruggs, your Crysteel dealer in the Bloomington area, with any questions you may have. We’d be happy to help you find the right dump body or hoist for your application.