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Drake-Scruggs is proud to offer tool boxes for trucks from the following manufacturers. Request a quote on tool boxes today or contact our office with any general questions.

Weather Guard® Tool Boxes

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A WernerCo brand, Weather Guard is an industry leader in truck and van equipment, including truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, cabinets, and racks for trucks, vans and utility vehicles. Weather Guard organizes trucks and vans for greater productivity, and provides tools and valuables superior protection against break-ins and weather. Keep expensive tools safe and prevent them from sliding around your truck bed with truck boxes from Weather Guard.

Buyers® Tool Boxes

buyers tool box

With one of the widest selections on the market, Buyers has tool boxes for every application. Whether you need a crossover truck tool box for your pickup, a trailer tool box, or an underbody tool box for your service body or semi, Buyers has you covered. All of their tool boxes feature precision robotic welds and go through rigorous testing before being packed and shipped. This ensures consistency; every truck tool box coming off the line is very high-quality. Built with durable materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and polyethylene, Buyers tool boxes are sealed against weather and theft with locking latches and gaskets.

Brute™ Tool Boxes

brute toolbox

Brute specializes in commercial quality HD boxes, including its truck toolbox product line. There is a variety of tool box sizes, shapes and styles available for purchase, each made durably to withstand all weather conditions. One of the most popular lines of Brute tool boxes is the crossover box, designed to sit behind the cab on the rails of the truck bed. Other top sellers include chest style boxes, side rail boxes, topsider side rail boxes, gooseneck tailgate boxes, and underbody boxes. To choose the best tool box for your application, start by deciding what you plan to store inside the boxes. Then it’s time to start considering which type of tool box will make your job easier and more efficient!

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