Snow Plows

At BOSS® SNOWPLOW, snow removal is our business. We do everything snow plows, snow removal equipment, and snow plow parts. As a snow plow manufacturer, we’ve spent years developing snow blades – snow plows and salt spreaders that do the job faster, truck snow plows that do the job better, and snow plows that live up to our name. THE BOSS Snowplow. No one knows more about snow plowing equipment. No one!


Boss Power-V XT

Boasting 37″ (8’2″ model) and 38″ (9’2″ model) flared blade wings with an enhanced curl, THE BOSS Power-V XT throws snow higher and farther than any other plow on the market. And new this year, THE BOSS POLY POWER-V XT features a super-slick polyethylene surface to keep snow from sticking, which saves time, fuel and wear and tear on your truck.

Boss Super Duty XT

The toughest Straight-Blade in THE BOSS Professional lineup, the taller blade and enhanced curl of THE BOSS Super-Duty XT makes even the most demanding jobs easy. Add to that a 1/2″ x 8″ High-Performance Cutting Edge which delivers extended wear resistance compared to conventional cutting edges typical snowplow cutting edges, and it’s clear a job well done just got a whole lot faster.

The Best-Selling Multiposition Plow on the Market

Power-VHeroScoopMRThere’s a reason THE BOSS Power-V is the best-selling multiposition plow on the market. Quite simply, nothing else is faster, tougher or easier to use. The tough yet versatile Steel Power-V features a half-inch thick, patented high-performance cutting edge that delivers extended wear resistance as compared to conventional cutting edges, as well as a baked-on powder-coat paint finish with an exclusive zinc primer to resist corrosion.

Increasing your blade width by a full 22″ at a 30-degree angle, these convenient plow wings will cut your plowing time and attach and detach within second (excludes Sport-Duty Plows).

When you need help with a big job, look to the BOSS. We are happy to guide you in your next snow plow purchase over the phone. Request a quote on snow plows today or contact our office to move forward.

Try the Boss Snow Plow Selector


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