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KNAPHEIDEIf you work on job sites, you have to take your workshop with you. This can pose special challenges for keeping your tools and equipment organized, secure, and accessible. Truck and van storage often means cargo areas that chaotic and cluttered, forcing you to waste your time finding what you need when you are on the job.

We offer storage systems engineered for durability, dependable performance and are backed by warranty. Precision manufactured and fully tested, our truck and van storage systems will substantially increase safety on the job and during transit.

WEATHER GUARD® and Adrian Steel® have different packages depending on your application. After choosing a package, you can customize the configuration. And with DECKED, you can organize and access your tools and gear with the toughest, most durable, secure and weatherproof truck bed storage system on the market.

WEATHER GUARD® Storage Solutions

WEATHER GUARD is an industry leader in truck and van storage equipment. Their product line includes truck boxes, drawer units, shelving, and cabinets, as well as racks for trucks, vans and utility vehicles. WEATHER GUARD organizes trucks and vans for better productivity and provides superior protection for tools and valuables against weather and break-ins. The team at Drake-Scruggs will help you to choose a WEATHER GUARD storage package and customize your configuration.

Adrian Steel® Storage Solutions

Adrian Steel products are Contractor Grade, built to stand up to the roughest conditions. Your upfit needs to withstand years of daily use in addition to accommodating special equipment like oversized cargo and tools. That’s why their product line includes heavy-duty steel shelving (adjustable or welded), partitions, drawer units and storage modules to get the job done right. In addition, they offer aluminum toolboxes and plastic bin systems – which are light and easily removable to store and transport small tools and parts. The team at Drake-Scruggs will help you to choose an Adrian Steel storage package and customize your configuration.

DECKED Storage Solutions

The DECKED product line includes a weatherproof drawer system, truck tool boxes and more. One of their most popular products is a truck bed sliding tray called CargoGlide. The CargoGlide is a customizable sliding tool box that helps you load, unload and access your tools and gear quickly and easily. The CargoGlide rolls on heavy-duty bearings to allow you to smoothly slide out and retrieve your tools and materials. Truly a revolutionary product every hard working truck demands.

Ready to equip your trucks and vans with real storage solutions? Request a quote on storage solutions today or contact our office with any general questions.

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