Salt Spreaders


BOSS designs their spreaders for one purpose —making the lives of snow- and ice-removal professionals easier and more efficient. So while the front of your truck is fighting to clear the street of all things snow and ice, the back of your truck is putting the finishing touches on the parking lots, driveways and roads of the towns you call home, quickly and efficiently. Because when you’re out in the middle of it, BOSS will always be there to back you up.

Buyers Salt Dogg®


When you need equipment that you can always depend on… equipment that is guaranteed to be reliable and flexible enough to handle any job, in any situation, no matter what winter might throw at you, you can count on Buyers. In their 65-plus years, they’ve grown to be one of the largest manufacturers for mobile equipment and snow removal markets. Their vertically integrated manufacturing facilities ensure the highest quality standards from raw materials to finished products.


Your vehicle can handle a lot. Why not have it help you control ice and snow? Add one of Meyer’s powerful tailgate spreaders or insert hopper spreaders to transform your truck, tractor, SUV or even your utility vehicle into an ice-melting machine. Meyer also knows walk-behind spreader uses are diverse, that’s why they provide so many options. Whether you’re looking for a broadcast spreader for year-round use or a drop spreader to melt ice along narrow walkways, Meyer has a spreader for you.

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