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Dump Bodies Dump Bodies

Drake-Scruggs Equipment installs and builds all sizes of dump bodies, ranging from bodies for smaller, one ton trucks to large bodies for large tandem, tri-axle and quad-axle trucks. Our dump bodies are built for performance, durability and endurance. They are designed to be user-friendly, with features and capabilities to maximize efficiency in every job.

As Springfield’s best choice for dump bodies, Drake-Scruggs is proud to feature manufacturers including Knapheide and Crysteel.

Dump bodies are needed for vehicles used in material hauling, construction, landscaping, excavation and municipal maintenance. They are also used in the farming industry for grain transportation. Dump bodies are used for such a broad range of applications that they are manufactured in a wide variety of configurations.

Drake-Scruggs carries and stocks a full line of hoists. If you have no PTO but need to have a dump truck, it’s no problem. We install all sizes of sub-frame hoists with electric power units. If you need to dump larger loads, Drake-Scruggs’ experts will help find the correct hoist for your needs. Drake-Scruggs also services and repairs all kinds of hoists. Cylinder repair, PTO problems and leaking pumps are all service areas that are within our expertise.

Request a quote on dump bodies today or contact our office with any general questions.

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