Safety Lighting

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We carry safety lighting equipment for a variety of truck equipment needs. Request a quote on safety lighting today or contact our office with any general questions.


ecco-productsECCO is an industry leader in product innovation and offers the world’s most complete range of emergency warning products for commercial vehicles. ECCO markets safety products in various industries from backup alarms, rear view CCTV systems and amber warning lights for commercial and industrial vehicles to red/blue warning lights for the emergency services.

ECCO’s complete line of warning lights feature many options in terms of light source, size, shape, fixing, electrical connection and price point, ensuring they have the products required to meet the needs of a diverse customer base. Additionally ECCO holds many design patents for products that have driven leading-edge design and technology in the industry.

Safety is important to us and that is why here at Drake-Scruggs Equipment, we primarily use Ecco lights on the trucks we build. They have proven to be dependable, even in the most adverse environmental conditions, keeping our customers safe while they do their work.

The Ecco line of warning lights may not be the most well-known brand of warning lights, but, it is indeed one of the best on the market today. Ecco is not only very competitive in their pricing, but they have a high standard of quality. that isn’t good enough, they are highly confident in their product. Warranty issues are few and far between! lf for some reason their prodBet fails, all the customer has to do is come in for a replacement during the warranty period and if warranty period is out, they have a complete line of replacement parts readily available. Most customers tend to come back for additional Ecco products after purchasing the first one and don’t want to check pricing on the competitors. Hands down, here at Drake-Scruggs Equipment, Ecco is our main line of warning lights.


Unity has been an innovative manufacturer of automotive, truck and emergency vehicle lighting products for over 80 years.

Throughout the history of motorized vehicles, Unity has adapted to customer needs to improve the safety of motorists, truckers, off-roaders, police, fire, ambulance, utility, military, farmers, wreckers, snow plows and services vehicles of all kinds during nighttime activities and emergencies.

Today, Unity is the world’s largest manufacturer of post-mount spotlights. The company is also a major OE supplier of both auxiliary and emergency lighting products. Its product range includes post mount spotlights, roof mount spotlights, fog lights, driving lights, off-road lights, work lights, hand-held spotlights, deck lights, 360-degree warning lights and custom wire harnesses.

Unity is committed to producing products that exceed customer expectations, achieve the highest level of quality while offering our customers exceptional value.


When it comes to auxiliary lighting needs, there are thousands of possible applications. Each application requires the same rigorous demands for Durability, Versatility and Power.

Golight has designed, engineered and manufactured searchlights and spotlights to meet the most extreme conditions — making Golight a trusted name in the Marine, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Industrial, Utility, Recreational Vehicle, Ag Production, Automotive and Military markets.

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