Air Compressors


Hydraulically driven, above deck air compressors. Engineered to deliver the performance you need for efficient and economical on-site air service.



VMAC RAPTAIR 60 CFM Diesel Engine Driven Air Compressor

VMAC-RAPTAIR-60-CFM-Diesel-Engine-Driven-Air-Compressor-Brochure-1If fuel savings is a priority for you or you have a standalone application, and you need a powerful source of air, VMAC manufactures a 60 CFM rotary screw Diesel Driven Air Compressor called RAPTAIR60.

VMAC RAPTAIR-MF Diesel Engine Driven Multi-Function Air Compressor Welder Generator PTO System

VMAC-RAPTAIR-MF-Diesel-Engine-Driven-Multi-Function-Air-Compressor-Welder-Generator-PTO-System-Brochure-1If fuel savings is a priority for you and/or you have equipment that needs to be run by hydraulics, VMAC manufactures a multi-function system that includes and air compressor, welder, generator, battery charger, and battery booster, the VMAC RAPTAIR-MF. You can add a Hydraulic Pump onto the available PTO Port on the VMAC RAPTAIR-MF and have adequate hydraulic power for various equipment needs.

VMAC UNDERHOOD 70 & 150 CFM Truck Engine Driven Air Compressors

VMAC-UNDERHOOD-70-CFM-or-150-CFMTruck-Engine-Driven-Air-Compressor-Brochure-1If you have light duty trucks (up to class 5) where space is an issue and you need a powerful source of air, VMAC manufactures the UNDERHOOD70 and UNDERHOOD150. These systems are ideal for tire service trucks, mechanics trucks, and light-duty public works trucks. The UNDERHOOD70 can run a 1 1/4″ Impact Wrench, 1 x 90lb Pavement Breaker, underground moles/piercing tools, post-pounders, air guns for blowing out radiators and cracks and more. The UNDERHOOD150 is powerful enough to replace a tow-behind air compressor. It can run up to 2 90lb Pavement Breakers, 1 90lb Rock Drill (“Jackhammer”), and other common air tools. These systems are lightweight, compact and don’t take up any space in the back of the truck. VMAC now manufactures a “70-G” system that automatically turns the truck engine off and on with air demand. This reduces your idle time.

VMAC PREDATAIR 40 CFM or 60 CFM Hydraulic Driven Air Compressor

VMAC-PREDATAIR-40-CFM-or-60-CFM-Hydraulic-Driven-Air-Compressor-Brochure-(1)-1If you have a vehicle equipped with hydraulics and you need a powerful source of air, VMAC manufactures two different rotary screw hydraulic driven above deck air compressor systems (40 CFM or 60 CFM). These systems are ideal for lube trucks, tire service trucks and mechanics trucks but can be mounted on any vehicle with an adequate supply of fixed hydraulic flow. Both systems easily run a 1″ Impact Wrench, air guns for blowing out radiators and other common mechanic’s tools.

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