Air Compressors

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We sell air compressors engineered to deliver the performance you need for efficient and economical on-site air service. Request a quote on air compressors today or contact our office with any general questions.

Auto Crane® Air Compressors

Auto Crane® Air Compressor

Auto Crane engineers, designs, and manufactures a comprehensive line of truck-mounted electric and hydraulic cranes, crane bodies, and more. Their models boast a dependable, hydraulic-driven reciprocating compressor, featuring performance and long-lasting economy all in a compact package. Other accessories available include air tanks, hoses, and FRL components. An additional air tank can be added to an existing compressor in order to provide an instant blast of air, giving the compressor time to start up and build pressure.

VMAC® Air Compressors

VMAC® Air Compressor

VMAC prides itself in the design and manufacturing of its innovative mobile air compressors, from diesel driven to hydraulic driven, and multi-power systems. Featuring air compressors in compact sizes, without compromising power and performance, VMAC is sure to have a compressor that will fit your vehicle. Its many different rotary screw air compressors, at varying price points, will save you space while increasing your payload. Not to mention that each air compressor is backed up with the VMAC Lifetime Warranty.

American Eagle® Air Compressors

American Eagle® Air Compressor

American Eagle is a division of Stellar Industries, Inc., specializing as a supplier of air compressors and drawer systems in the truck market. Its compressor product line offers performance, durability, reliability, and is easy to keep up with maintenance. Available product lines include single-stage piston, two-stage piston, rotary screw, and engine driven air compressors, each designed and manufactured for reliability and longevity. The engine driven air compressors are available in gas and diesel reciprocating and gas and diesel rotary screw. With all this variety, you’ll likely be able to find the best fit for your needs.

Vanair® Air Compressors

Vanair® Air Compressor

You can rest easy knowing Vanair is backed by decades of industry experience and expertise. From underdeck air compressors to the Air N Arc® ALL-IN-ONE Power Systems®, a simple flip of a switch turns your truck into a ready-to-go, industrial-strength mobile workshop. Its vehicle-mounted compressors are made in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of many applications. However, those in a lower weight class do not compromise on air power, aiding in lower truck weight and better fuel efficiency. Many models have a cold package available for extra durability during more extreme weather conditions.

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