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Versalift® has been a leader in innovation and quality, and the TMD series of digger derricks live up to these ideals.

The TMD series digger derricks are powerful machines commonly used by electric, telecommunications and construction industries. Digger derricks are vital tools and make the process of digging effortless, quick, and safe. The TMD is a tough, durable vehicle that is cost-efficient, simple to operate and is easy to maintain. You can dig holes, set utility poles and lift materials with ease by employing this versatile machine.

Choose from sheave heights up to 51 feet and winch capacities of up to 15,000 lbs, mounted on your specified chassis platform.

Versalift TMD 2000 Series

The Versalift TMD 2000 series of Digger Derricks, presents technicians with the tools they need to get work done safety and effectively. Specifications include:

  • Boom Assembly: Both lower and intermediate booms are constructed of high strength steel, while the upper boom is made of high-strength fiberglass.
  • Insulation: The fiberglass construction of the upper boom is certified for 46kV and below in accordance with ANSI A10.31 dielectric rating requirements.
  • Boom Lift Cylinder: Two double-acting hydraulic cylinders—each with dual counterbalance holding valves, and self-aligning spherical bearing—drive the extension system.
  • Rotation Drive: Rotation is hydraulically driven utilizing a worm and spur gear acting on a shear ball rotation bearing. The gearbox features a load sense that measures side loads applied to the boom.
  • Turntable Winch: Utilizing its worm gearbox, hydraulic motor, holding valve, and drum, the winch—at 15,000 lb maximum capacity­—provides an average line speed of 35 fpm at 40 gpm flow.
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection: Overload protection is non-electronic. The pure hydraulic system senses the boom lift cylinder pressure and side loads at the rotation gearbox and disables operation of major components when an overload condition is detected.
  • Continuous Rotation: Continuous and unrestricted in either direction.
  • Pins, Bearings, and Lubrication: Main pivot and cylinder joints use high-strength hard chrome plated steel pins with fiberglass reinforced Teflon non-lube bearings.
  • Hydraulic System: An open center tandem system provides the digger and winch circuit with 40 gpm, and 15 gpm for the boom functions. The digger/winch circuit operates at 2300 psi and the boom circuit operates at 2600 psi.
  • 52 In Tall Pedestal: The steel fabrication incorporates a 1.5” thick top plate, machined flat to support the rotation bearing.
  • Lower Panel Control Gauges: The digger/winch pressure gauge senses pressure generated while using the digger and winch; the boom pressure gauge senses the pressure generated while using the boom control valve.
  • Engine Start/Stop Control: Operated by a toggle switch at the lower controls.

Versalift TMD 4000 Series

The Versalift TMD 4000 series of Digger Derricks, is a recent and powerful addition to the lineup. These are full pressure, hydraulic Digger Derricks introduced by the company in late 2017. The series includes several powerful models, with the largest boasting a maximum horizontal reach of 50.2 ft and sheave height of 60.2 ft.

Versalift TMD Series Video:

Versalift® Bucket Trucks in Decatur

Drake-Scruggs offers a variety of aerial bucket trucks from Versalift for customers. We have been building aerial bucket trucks since their inception, with over 45 years of history with the Versalift product line! Drake-Scruggs only offers equipment from the highest quality manufacturers, giving you peace of mind and less downtime to get your job done.


The industries in need of a bucket trucks, spans over both the public and private sectors. This includes governmental, sign and lighting, traffic applications, telecommunications, forestry, municipal/rural electric utilities, utility contractors and many others. Insulated units are recommended, and typically required, for many applications near or involving electricity. Whereas a non-insulated unit is acceptable for other applications not involving work with electric power sources.

Drake-Scruggs primarily offer units that are mounted on a street-legal, DOT certified chassis. However, if you require an off road/backyard-carrier mount, we have access to vehicles that will fit your needs. Aerials come in many different configurations, from over-center/non-over center articulating, telescopic extending and a combination of articulating/telescopic capabilities all ranging from 29 feet to over 200 feet in working height. Whether you need a personnel lift or an aerial with material handling capabilities, contact a knowledgeable member of our sales team and they will gladly assist you in your selection.

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