Van Storage

Exxpand-InteriorShot1_1366x768_ThumbnailIf you work on job sites, you have to take your workshop with you. This can pose special challenges for keeping your tools and equipment organized, secure, and accessible. Van storage often means cargo areas that chaotic and cluttered, forcing you to waste your time finding what you need when you are on the job.

Knapheide has partnered with Sortimo International to offer a storage solution designed specifically for commercial vans – EXXPAND™.

8C9A0154_thumbnailThe EXXPAND van storage system is an in-vehicle racking and shelving storage system solution. This innovative van storage line provides an easy way for you to organize and optimize your mobile operations.

EXXPAND van storage systems are made from lightweight materials to allow for maximum usable payload. System features include shelves, shelve extensions, boxes, partitions, and more. Your van storage system is custom designed to suit your specific industry needs and vehicle configuration.


EXXPAND van storage systems are engineered for durability, dependable performance and are backed by warranty. Precision manufactured and fully tested, this van storage system will substantially increase safety on the job and during transit.

Ready to optimize your operations with van storage organization? Request a quote on van storage today or contact our office with any general questions.

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