Air Compressors Options

Choosing the appropriate air compressor for your fleet is not always the easiest thing to do. You must consider size, location and the amount of air needed to run all of the tools on your trucks, including hydraulic tools such as jack hammers and other hydraulic equipment.

Under-hood Air Compressors

When you need to conserve as much space as possible, opt for an under-hood air compressor. Since these compressors ride under the hood of your truck, you’ll have space for more tools in the bed of the truck. Choose from several capacities, including 70 CFM, 150 CFM or 175 PSI. Enjoy air on demand and a 100 percent duty cycle in these lightweight models. Rotary screw designs feature easy start up and perform well in extreme temperatures.

Under-hood air compressors are ideal for mechanics trucks, tire service trucks and light-duty public works trucks. A 70 CFM compressor will run an inch and a quarter impact wrench, post pounders, a 1×90-pound pavement breaker, air guns, underground moles and piercing tools and more. Some models will even turn the truck engine on and off based on your air demand, thus reducing idle time.

Bed-Mounted Air Compressors

VAMC Predatair: Drake-Scruggs also offers bed-mounted compressors. Choose from several models, including a hydraulic-driven model that is full of the technology you need to complete jobs faster. The VMAC Predatair turn itself on and off as air is needed. It also features a remote LCD control panel so that you can monitor oil temperature, system hours and compressor pressure. This rotary screw model features up to a 100 percent duty cycle, which is enough to run a 60-pound jackhammer.

The Predatair also features a smaller model that provides up to 40 CFM for those who need all of the technology the 60 CFM Predatair offers, but do not need all of the power. Both models are direct drive, rotary screw compressors with a discharge air outlet size of ¾ inch. Both also offer electrical input of 20A at 12 volts (nominal) with a 30A fuse or breaker.

Safety features include high temperature shut down, a 200 PSI air pressure relief valve, cold start protection, an air system one-way check valve, automatic air pressure breakdown and a 2,800 PSI hydraulic pressure relief valve setting.

The VAMC Raptair: The Raptiar is a belt-driven oil-injected rotary screw compressor that provides a 100 percent duty cycle. Its Kubota three-cylinder Diesel engine will provide up to 175 PSI at 3,600 rpm.

This model is designed to fit on a side pack with a center slider and is just 23 inches wide and 33 inches long. You’ll be able to get the power you need from a bed-mounted compressor without taking up a lot of space. This model is suitable for MIG welding and TIG welding. Electrical output includes one 7,000 continuous single phase 60Hz output for 240 volts and one 10,000 continuous single phase 60Hz output for 240 volts.

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