knapheide storage solutions
When your truck is not organized, jobs take longer since you have to look for tools. You could also lose tools since they are sliding around in the bed or under the seats. And, with tools out in the open, anyone can steal them! Don’t take your chances with expensive tools. Get your fleet trucks organized with toolboxes and storage solutions from Drake-Scruggs.


We offer toolboxes in several brands including Weather Guard®, Alum-Line and Adrian Steel. Protect your tools from the weather, thieves and getting lost. Pick from your choice of above body boxes, cross over boxes, backpacks, low profile boxes, underbody boxes and top lid boxes. We’ll fit the proper box to your truck whether you need a solution as simple as a box at the front of the bed; or, you need boxes that take up less bed space. Our boxes also have several configurations for people who want to store hand tools or larger tools. The boxes have locks on them and are made of strong metal.

Storage Solutions

When you need storage solutions to keep your van organized, stop by Drake-Scruggs to discuss your needs with us. Knapheide and Sortimo International offer storage solutions designed to keep commercial vans neat and organized. The EXXPAND storage solutions can be tailored to your van and to your specific industry requirements. Tools, parts, wiring and anything else you need in a mobile workshop will be handy. Racks and shelving storage make it easy to keep your van organized and safe. The storage systems are made from strong yet lightweight material and include shelves, shelf extensions, partitions, boxes and much more.

You’ll find the storage systems to be extremely durable and able to withstand heavy-duty use that fleet operations throw at their vans. Since tools and equipment will be corralled, your fleet employees will be safer while driving and on the job, and they will be less likely to misplace tools.

Air Compressors and Generators

If you have found it difficult to fit an air compressor or generator in your van or truck bed due of the number of tools back there, adding storage will free up space. When it’s time for a new compressor or generator, contact Drake-Scruggs to discuss your needs. With several types of air compressors and generators to choose from, we’ll turn your unorganized fleet into a mobile workshop where employees are able to find what they need and have all of the tools required to do any type of work.

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