weatherguard toolbox


To get the job done, a service truck needs a wide range of replacement parts and tools on-hand. If you don’t start with a storage plan, your truck will become disorganized really fast.

There’s definitely a right way to organize your tools for each access. If you’re looking to maximize the storage configuration of your vehicle, read on to learn 5 tips from our experts.

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truck with snowplow


When nature unleashes snow and ice, few commercial trucking fleets are spared! If you drive anywhere across the Midwest, you are sure to deal with the effects of unpredictable winter weather.

Winterizing your fleet can save money and time by preventing emergency situations. Read on to discover five key steps to winterizing your trucking equipment before the next “wintery mix” strikes!

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beat summer heat


Extreme heat affects millions of Americans every summer. Exposure to too much heat can cause sun poisoning, extreme fatigue, headache, nausea and other troubling symptoms. These concerns feel far away when we’re inside our air-conditioned buildings and vehicles. But what can you do on a job site, when you have to work outside in the hot sun? Follow these crucial tips:

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