The Farmer’s Almanac predicts a “frozen and snowy” forecast across Illinois and the Midwest this winter. Perfect timing for the release of the new and improved Snowrator from BOSS®. This snow plow is incredible, and available from Drake-Scruggs.

Clears Snow and Ice Really Fast

BOSS Products acquired the Snowrator brand in March 2018, and the re-engineered Snowrator is one of the most exciting releases for the snowplow industry in years. The Snowrator maximizes performance and reliability and is a multi-tasking, labor-reducing solution for snow and ice contractors.

In other words, Snowrator is a 4′ hydraulic savage. So quick to clear snow and ice-covered sidewalks, it reduces the need for FOUR shovelers and cuts clearing time in half.

Ideal in metro, commercial and residential environments – anywhere cleared walking surfaces are a top priority. Snowrator also features a 20-gallon anti-icing brine system, spreader options and a range of accessories, so you can finally own a snow plow that has all the features you need.

“At BOSS, it’s our business to make snow and ice management more efficient and profitable,” said Mark Klossner, marketing vice president for BOSS Snowplow.

“Our customers can rely on the redesigned Snowrator to provide clean and clear sidewalks for metro, commercial and residential jobs, and Snowrators don’t call in sick or need time off. It’s a dependable labor solution in tough winter weather.”

Get Yours, From Us!

Get your BOSS Snowrator from Drake-Scruggs. For more details – including financing options from BOSS – contact the Drake-Scruggs sales team here.