Through the years, we have worked on several types of bucket trucks, ranging from 29 feet to over 200 feet of working height. We even put together bucket trucks for off road use. However, the bucket truck is much older than Drake-Scruggs.

Early Designs

When bucket trucks first came out in the early 1900s, they were known as cherry pickers – and are still sometimes referred to as that. The bucket truck is based on Roman applications – they created structures that are the same is modern lifts and cranes for when they needed to reach or build something high.

The trucks were called cherry pickers because trucks with platforms that lifted were used to pick fruit – any kind, not just cherries – high in the trees. The platforms were wide so the worker could move around and not worry about falling. The cherry picker also minimized damage to the trees and were much safer than ladders.

Other industries soon picked up the idea of the cherry picker, including electric companies. The cherry picker made working on power lines easier and safer. Other industries soon picked up on the idea, including mining, forestry, house painters, signage and lighting, window washers and more.

Modern Bucket Trucks

The bucket truck you see today is the same in some aspects and different in other aspects. The boom is still on the truck frame and it still works the same. Newer trucks feature an articulated boom and allows the boom to be located in different places on the body so that the truck benefits certain industries.

Some of the biggest differences are in vehicle safety. Newer trucks are designed with the technician’s safety in mind. Safety features include outriggers and insulated bucket trucks that protect against electrocution. These trucks also come with buckets that reach as high as 200 feet.

Upcoming Bucket Trucks

Because of oil prices, bucket trucks get expensive. However, you can now get hybrid bucket trucks that use an electric motor to power the boom. The truck is also smaller and more efficient, and is supplemented with additional features. As times change, bucket trucks will continue changing, and Drake-Scruggs will embrace these changes so that you will always have the newest and greatest when you purchase a new truck.

If you are looking for bucket trucks, contact Drake-Scruggs with your needs. We have over 45 years of experience with just one of the several product lines we work with; and you’ll get a well-made, high-quality product made to your specifications. Whether you are in the private or public sector, including signage, lighting, telecommunications, governmental, municipal utilities, traffic, rural utilities, or you are a contractor, we can create a bucket truck for you. For working with electricity, we make insulated units; and if you prefer, a non-insulated unit for work that doesn’t involve electricity.