truck-carePart of owning equipment is servicing it and Drake-Scruggs Equipment, Inc. provides truck service and repair so that you can ensure that your trucks are safe and in good working condition. We also build long-term relationships with our customers by providing truck service and repair so that you receive personal attention for your fleet that other companies in our industry don’t offer.

We have two service centers in the Midwest plus nine fully stocked field service trucks for your entire fleet, even trucks that were purchased prior to your relationship with us. The service trucks are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Shop Service

Services we provide include services on aerials, cranes, derricks, hoists, snow plows, utility and dump bodies, lighting and salt spreaders. Types of service include preventative maintenance, annual inspections, dielectric testing for AC and DC, and mechanical, hydraulic and electrical component repair.

For road service, all you need to do is contact one of our two managers to schedule one of our nine mobile units. Our mobile units are able to perform most major repairs and all minor repairs, annual inspections, dielectric testing and preventative maintenance inspections.

Annual Inspections and Maintenance

Some equipment must be inspected annually, usually on or before the last inspection date. If equipment is out of service, you may be able to postpone the annual inspection until the equipment goes back into service.

Drake-Scruggs Equipment performs annual inspections and maintenance as part of its truck service and repair services. Give our service managers a call to schedule an appointment for all of your annual maintenance needs, whether for boom trucks, aerial lifts, mobile cranes, bucket trucks or digger derricks. Be sure you try to schedule your appointment at a time where you can leave the equipment in the event it needs repairs to meet the annual inspection.

Annual inspections may include, depending on the equipment:

  • Equipment structure;
  • Sheaves and drums for cracks and / or significant wear;
  • Pins, bearings, gears, shafts, locking devices and rollers for cracks, distortion or significant wear;
  • Clutch and brake systems;
  • Safety devices and operational aids;
  • Diesel, gas, electric and other power plants for safety including but not limited to the emergency shutdown feature and leaking exhaust;
  • Drive sprockets and chains for chain stretch and excessive wear;
  • Steering and locking devices;
  • Hydraulics;
  • Tires;
  • Stabilizer or outrigger pads and slider pads;
  • Electrical components for split insulation or corroded and loose terminals;
  • To see if the originally equipped operator seat, ladders, steps, guards and handrails are missing;
  • Warning labels and decals;
  • Tower cranes and their parts including tower and turnable bolts; and
  • Gudgeon pins for derricks.

If we find any equipment or parts that do not pass the annual inspection, we will make the recommendations for repair; and have the ability to repair the broken or worn parts. We will also replace missing parts.

Contact Drake-Scruggs Equipment, Inc.

Give our service advisors a call to schedule truck service and repair or an annual inspection for any equipment that is due.