beat summer heat


Extreme heat affects millions of Americans every summer. Exposure to too much heat can cause sun poisoning, extreme fatigue, headache, nausea and other troubling symptoms. These concerns feel far away when we’re inside our air-conditioned buildings and vehicles. But what can you do on a job site, when you have to work outside in the hot sun? Follow these crucial tips:


Get an early start, so that more work can be done before the heat reaches its daytime peak. Check the weather forecast often and plan around it, to reduce the amount of work being done during a heatwave.


Cool and loose-fitting clothing can be a real comfort saver. Dark colors absorb more heat and light. So if possible, choose lighter colored clothing for working outside. If possible, also wear a hat or protective gear to avoid sun overexposure to your head and face.


Drink water every 15-20 minutes. Be sure that your worksite gives you access to plenty of fresh water at all times. Leave the water supply in a shaded area, and regularly drink it throughout the day. Sweating causes us to become dehydrated fast. Water breaks will help you to feel hydrated even while you sweat.


If possible, do your work in a shaded area to protect yourself from sun overexposure. Do you use sunscreen? It’s a great idea to keep it handy — sunscreen can greatly help to reduce sun burn and the threat of sun poisoning by blocking harmful rays.

These are four simple ways to prevent heat-related illness while on the jobsite this summer. Many factors can play a role in overexposure to heat. Use this article to take the necessary steps to prevent them!