Choosing the Right Dump Body Graphic

If you are in the market for a dump body, it is important to find a model that has the capabilities you need for your work while avoiding investing in more than you need. There are a wide range of dump bodies available – In order to get a solid return on your investment, you need to find the dump body that best aligns with your needs.

Below are some suggested considerations in deciding on the right dump body to serve your job needs:

Metal used in the dump body – A variety of steel types are used in the fabrication of truck dump bodies, with each steel type possessing unique characteristics and advantages for different applications. While the heaviest steels are the safest in terms of durability, they are not necessarily the best choice in terms of weight.  The kind of materials that will be hauled is an important factor in dump body metal selection. The best way to determine which type of steel is best for a particular need is to discuss it with a reputable dump body dealer.

Crossmembers – Crossmembers provide durability and strength in a dump body design, however the weight can severely reduce payload capacity. Some dump bodies are designed without crossmembers to solve this issue. A knowledgeable dump body dealer will help you determine which design will be best for your dump body needs.

Dump body style – Selecting  the right dump body depends greatly on selecting the configuration that is best suited to the type of work the truck will be doing and the materials it will be hauling.

  • Drop Side Dump Bodies – a light duty dump body for class three to five chassis. Constructed of high-strength steel for unmatched durability and no crossmembers for low maintenance and rust prevention.
  • Rigid Side Dump Bodies – featuring a double panel, high strength steel construction on the sides and tailgate, along with a 7 gauge or 10 gauge steel floor.
  • Heavy Drop Side Contractor Bodies – Standard body lengths stretch from 12′ up to 18′ for one ton up to medium-duty chassis. Carry up to six cubic yards of bulk material in one load.

Dump body options – Dump bodies can be optimized to suit a particular job with a variety of custom options. Tool boxes, storage compartments, bumpers, hitches, and hoists can all be specified to develop a customized package that delivers the best efficiency and performance.

If possible, have your truck dealer and your dump body dealer work together. While your truck dealer can advise on issues concerning gross vehicle weight rating and best tire selection, your dump body dealer will be knowledgeable on dump body capacity and styles. Working together, these experts can develop a balanced package that will provide the best return on your investment.

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