Ford-F550-PLB12C-Landscaper Body-Rear

When it’s time to upgrade your landscape work trucks or purchase a new fleet, contact Drake-Scruggs to discuss the Knapheide landscaper body. This body includes many standard features that will make your business more efficient and profitable. Our Knapheide bodies make it possible to move and dump loads of dirt, mulch, rocks and whatever else you need to move in bulk. The metering gate and integrated dump hoist even lets you fill wheelbarrows.

If you need to haul palletized materials, the dump body features a 50-inch side access swing-out door to make it easy to load and unload with a forklift. Add even more functionality with optional accessories.

Landscaper Cap Protector

Loading bulk materials, especially stone or gravel, could damage the cab of the truck if an errant rock decides it doesn’t want to be in the dump bed, but on the cab instead. Knapheide provides a bolt-on cab protector for the landscaper body. The protector is made of solid steel and also gives you a place to mount a tarp.

Landscaper Storage Pack

The I-pack stores anything the landscape body will carry. On the street side, the storage area features a lockable compartment door and four swivel hooks. The curb side of the storage pack has two shelves plus a lockable tool storage bin that extends out 48 inches so you won’t have to take everything out to reach something near the back of the locker. The I-pack allows you to keep the tools you need organized and easy to find – not to mention safe behind locked doors.


When you need a heavy-duty hoist, add the Knapheide Knaphoist to your truck. The hoist features a ¾-inch thick high-strength steel. This lost motion device, patented by Knapheide, provides low mounting height, which keeps the bed more stable. And that means the operator is much safer.

Roughneck Steel Toolboxes

Knapheide Roughneck toolboxes are made to fit several Knapheide bodies, giving you more storage for tools. Choose from underbody or above body boxes in many different sizes. Roughneck toolboxes range from 20 inches long to 60 inches long and fit Knapheide gooseneck, platform, forestry and dump bodies. Combine a Roughneck toolbox with the I-pack for the ultimate in tool and equipment storage. You’ll find that you’ll finish a job quicker since you won’t be constantly looking for tools – instead they are neatly organized and within easy reach.

Rear Gates

Choose a rear gate that swings out 270 degrees combined with a tailgate that drops down so you can easily dump or the same setup with a tailgate that includes an integrated metering chute so that you may evenly spread gravel, mulch, dirt and other material.

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When you are ready for a new landscaper body or you want to add some accessories to your current landscaper body, contact Drake-Scruggs to discuss your options.