Regardless of the industry you are in, you may need more than one type of truck body for your fleet. Utilities need cranes, but also need service bodies and dump bodies, and may even need a flatbed truck. Construction workers have more use for service bodies and dump bodies, but may find that a flatbed for hauling larger equipment or even a crane for those who build taller buildings or work on utilities on the property may come in handy. Having the proper truck body for the job not only makes the job easier, but in many cases, could make it safer.

Service Bodies

We offer a full line of service bodies for several trucks and applications. Our service bodies keep equipment secured when you are off the job site and at the job site. Choose from open beds with side compartments or a covered bed for the maximum amount of storage space. We have some of the most-recognized names in stock, including service bodies from Knapheide Manufacturing. It doesn’t matter what size your truck is, we have several configurations and sizes, including service bodies for HVAC, construction, mechanics, electrical services, equipment dealers and farming.

Dump Bodies

Several industries could make use of dump bodies. If you have to dig and need to get rid of extra dirt, a dump body definitely comes in handy. Also, for construction workers that need to haul sand or gravel, or even a large load of landscaping timbers, it’s easier to put the material where you want and – and easier to haul it – when you have a dump body. We have many sizes of dump bodies, including some for one-ton trucks and large quad-axle trucks. Make your job easier with our user-friendly dump bodies that are loaded with features.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are the ultimate in versatility. Whether you need to move appliances for a remodel or a new build, larger equipment, a load of brush or anything else, a flatbed comes in handy. Use a flatbed if your industry is farming, construction, product delivery, or landscaping. We can also fit trucks with a gooseneck hauler bed if you frequently tow a gooseneck trailer. And, if you need a flatbed that tips, we could add a hoist to most flatbeds.

Crane Bodies

Crane bodies are useful for all types of industries, not just utility companies. Our high-quality crane bodies and truck-mounted cranes have the best corrosion and rust protection, and we have several models. Whether you need a crane for light-duty or heavy-duty work, we have the right crane for you.

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