summer truck lighting


Summer in the Midwest brings a certain set of road challenges. Storms, road construction, and highway accidents are three things we encounter a lot while driving in Illinois this time of year. Lucky for you, we have excellent work truck lighting to help you deal with anything summer throws you.

Safety Lighting for Summer Weather

A little weather can’t hold you back! But what about your commercial truck? Is it fitted with safety lighting ready to face high intensity weather? We are big fans of safety lighting from Ecco®, partially because Ecco really has customer needs in mind when it comes to added features. Ecco safety lighting systems include high quality emergency warning alarms and emergency lights. Ideal for storms, nighttime — really anytime it’s crucial that you can see and be seen.

Spotlights and rear cameras, also included in Ecco safety lighting systems, come in handy when maneuvering in challenging environments. With safety lighting from Ecco, you’ll be ready for all summer weather conditions. We also offer search and flood lighting.

Safety Lighting for Roadside Emergencies

Before you get that call, feel confident. Your truck needs fog lights, post-mount spotlights, off-road lights, and 360-degree warning lights that you can trust. Unity® has you covered. You also need strobe lights, roadside emergency kits, and wiring harnesses. No problem. We carry Betts® and Golight®. Drivers of fire and rescue vehicles, roadside assistance and other emergency teams turn to us for safety lighting.

We all know emergencies can happen at any time, and there is often no room for mistakes. We carry the most trusted brands in the industry – and make them available to you, right here in Springfield.

Become a Hero at Drake-Scruggs

If you are interested in equipping your truck with quality, dependable truck lights, contact us today. We have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right system for your vehicle and job. For summer, winter and every emergency in between.