When a truck in your fleet breaks down on the road, not only do you have the expense of the tow bill, but you also have to pay someone to fix it. Instead, save money over the long haul by investing in one or more mechanic service trucks and hiring some good truck technicians. You’ll be able to save money by making many repairs right on the job site or on the side of the road. Even if you have to tow a truck back to the shop, you’ll save on paying the markup on parts and, undoubtedly, on labor costs.

Knapheide Mechanic Service Trucks

Add to your fleet’s versatility by adding Knapheide mechanic service trucks from Drake-Scruggs. We have truck systems for everyone from truck and auto service technicians to heavy equipment servicers and those in construction. Regardless of the industry, including railroads, heavy construction, mining, municipalities, agriculture and more, we have the right size mechanic service truck for you.

Choose from five different trucks:

  • The KMS16 Mechanics Service Truck allows your technicians the full functionality of the larger truck, but it’s more economical. Additionally, it’s a smaller truck that is perfect for fleets with smaller trucks or fleets that do not require the equipment to repair heavy construction equipment, digger derricks or cranes.
  • The KMS30 Mechanics Service Truck allows your technicians perform most jobs out on the road without putting a huge dent in your budget.
  • The KMT1 Mechanics Truck is the most rugged truck for Class 5 chassis and lifts up to 7,500 pounds.
  • The KMT2 Mechanics Truck is when you need a turnkey package that has a lot of tool storage and is able to lift up to 10,000 pounds.
  • And, when you need the truck for big jobs, the KMT3 Mechanics Truck will take care of all your repair needs, even for those jobs that require severe lifting – all the way up to 14,000 pounds – for some of the heaviest construction and mining equipment.

Choose one, or if you have a large fleet of different types of trucks, choose a smaller truck to service your small trucks, cars and the smaller equipment trucks. Or, choose the best truck that will help your technicians service anything in your fleet.

Our service trucks with cranes and compressors create the best automotive mobile repair truck solution for fleets. Ask about standard features and the versatility to handle anything you throw at them. Some features include lockable heavy-duty storage for tools, a compressor, cab protector, auxiliary lighting, D-ring tie downs, spray-on bed liner to protect the truck and grab handles.

If you need a truck specifically designed for your fleet, give us a call to discuss the specifics you need.

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Contact us at Drake-Scruggs to discuss adding mechanic service trucks to your fleet. We’ll help you determine which truck best fits your needs and how many trucks you might need.