Whether you are buying new plow trucks and salt spreaders or you need to upgrade your existing plows and spreaders, Drake-Scruggs has what you need. Choose from different styles of plows for different applications. You can also choose from different manufacturers.


The V-Plow features flared blade wings with an enhanced curl to push snow off train tracks and narrow roads. Look for a V-Plow with a polyethylene surface so the snow doesn’t stick to the plow. This keeps your crews moving, especially when heavy snows need to be cleared quickly. The slick surface also saves on fuel economy and wear and tear on your trucks.

Straight Blades

When choosing a straight blade, look for a snow plow that has an enhanced curl for those demanding clearing jobs, a high-performance cutting edge that has extended wear resistance and a tall blade to keep piles of snow from falling over the top edge of the plow.

Multi-Position Plows

Choose a multi-position plow with a thick cutting edge for better wear resistance and baked on powder-coat finish with zinc primer so that the plow doesn’t rust and lasts longer. Choose a multi-position plow that features wings so that plowing time is decreased. Also, a plow that detaches in seconds allows drivers to switch types of plows quickly to get back on the road.

Plows for Pickups

If you have a pickup or skid-steer that you use to clean up your own parking areas, we have plows for those applications. Choose a plow designed to clear lots including a plow designed for lots that fits on a ¾-ton pickup, a diamond-edge bottom trip plow and V-plows with independently controlled wings.

Plow Features

Depending on the application you need, you may want specific features on your plows. If you plow narrow roads and wide roads, you may want a plow with extendable wings to fit the road. You may need a V-plow to get into narrow spaces or to plow rails or you may want something that is the best plow for your department of transportation trucks.

Plows with super-slick polyethylene surfaces keep the snow off of the plow so that you can continue plowing roads without having to stop to knock the snow off, particularly a heavy, wet, sticky snow. Keeping your drivers going is important when the snow is falling so fast that it covers the roadways within hours of being plowed. You should also look for plows with anti-rust coatings so that the plows continue to serve you for many years to come, especially if you are buying plows for transportation departments and other businesses that “use and abuse” the plows year after year.

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