Selecting the Right Truck Tool Box

Truck tool boxes come in all types of sizes and shapes. The name of the game is to get a tool box that allows your employees to work efficiently, including boxes that hold oversized and other specialty equipment. Some of the choices include above body tool boxes, back packs, low profile tool boxes, cross over boxes, under body tool boxes and top lid boxes. In addition to having the right box for the job, you also need to consider space restrictions. You don’t want tool box to take up valuable bed real estate.


When shopping for tool boxes, you’ll want several features to ensure that the box will last and will stand up to rugged use. Look for features such as:

  • Smooth mill finish;
  • Heavy-duty aluminum;
  • Stainless steel key locks and latches;
  • A good warranty;
  • Secure locking mechanisms;
  • Weatherproofing; and
  • Custom applications, if needed.

Your employees will be accessing the tool boxes frequently, so the hinges, locks and the structure of the box must stand up to this type of use.

Types of Truck Tool Boxes

You’ll find that truck tool boxes come in many sizes and shapes. Choose the tool boxes that best maximize space on your trucks, especially if you use the bed to carry equipment or if you have a crane truck.

Underbody Boxes: Choose underbody boxes to keep the boxes out of the way and to maximize space. Choose front-open or side-open doors. Use these boxes for multiple applications.

Crossover Boxes: When you need easy access to tools, the crossover box, which fits at the front of the bed, opens from either side. It’s a deep box with plenty of space for all the tools needed so that your employees are able to complete jobs in an efficient manner.

Low Profile Side Boxes: These boxes ride on the bed rail and are shallow. They are perfect for small hand tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets and other small tools.

Above Body Side Boxes: These boxes also ride on the bed rail, but are larger than the low profile side boxes. They are great for keeping larger tools such as drills, saws, impact wrenches and more secure and dry.

RV Boxes: The RV box fits against the back of the cab and leaves room for a fifth-wheel hitch. If you need to haul fifth-wheel trailers and need a box for convenience, choose the RV box.

Back Pack Boxes: When you need a tool box but have a dump bed or a crane body, we’ll install a back pack box. The tool box fits between the working bed of the truck and the cab so that you have complete use of the truck plus a place to store your tools.

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