There is no denying it, summer is here. For those of us who do a lot of outdoor work, that means it’s busy season. It is time to treat your truck like another employee and give it the tools it needs to perform.

Lift Gates
Lift Gate
Make loading heavy work equipment easier with a life gate. Hydraulic lift gate systems make loading much smoother, so you can get the equipment you need to the worksite without any problems. Whether you have a utility truck, service truck, flatbed, van, or pickup truck, specialized designs are available to suit your vehicle and the work you do.



Safety Lighting

Safety LightsWhatever the job or work site, visibility is essential. Equip your truck with safety lighting to make your work easier and safer. A wide range of options are available, from light source to size and shape. Truck lights are designed to meet specific needs, so be sure to choose the option that best suits your truck and the type of work you do.



Tool Boxes
Tool box
Always be organized and prepared with a custom-fitted tool box for your truck. A wide range of functional and efficient designs means you will be ready for any job. Tool box designs include above body boxes, back packs, cross over boxes, low profile boxes, top lid boxes, under body boxes and more. In addition to keeping you organized, your truck tool box will keep your valuable tools secure and safe from theft or damage.



Get the power and strength you need from a truck mounted winch. Winches give your vehicle the pulling power to overcome any obstacle. No matter what the job, there is a winch to match your needs, from towing and construction, to material handling and industrial maintenance. As a simple rule of thumb, you can figure out the right size winch for your truck by multiplying its gross weight (GVWR) by 1.5 to get your recommended minimum capacity.

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