Sometimes accessories for trucks are extras that make life more bearable. However, if it’s an accessory for a work truck, it could make life safer and make your job easier. Drake-Scruggs has several accessories to accomplish ease and safety on a job. Whether you have an older fleet you want to upgrade or you are building a new fleet, add these accessories to your trucks.

Lift Gates

Lift gates come in handy when you need to get heavier equipment or tools into the back of your truck, or when you need to haul something that is too unwieldy to get into the truck on ramps or by lifting. Lift gates add to the safety factor of any job that requires lifting, since you won’t have to find a way to get heavier equipment and tools in and out of your truck. Lift gates are available for flatbeds, dump trucks, vans, utility trucks and pickup trucks.

Safety Lighting

Choose safety lighting for several different truck equipment needs. If you get caught out late on a job, or you’re working in less than nice weather, safety lighting could save your life. Warning lights come in several different shapes and sizes with different fixings, electrical connections and price points. We have amber lights and red/blue lights for emergency vehicles. Regardless of your industry, make sure you’re seen while you are on the road.

Tool Boxes

Anyone who uses tools knows that the are the lifeline of their work. Without tools, many jobs wouldn’t get done. Protect your investment with tool boxes that keep your tools stored out of the weather and away from thieves. Tool boxes will also keep your tools organized so that you can find everything and get the job done quicker. We at Drake-Scruggs have tool boxes for vans and trucks.

Van Storage

If you’re tired of pawing through a pile of tools and supplies to find what you need while you are on the job, contact us at Drake-Scruggs to talk about creating van storage to keep everything organized and off the floor. Our storage solutions also keep your tools secure, so the next time you have to hit the brakes harder than usual, the tools will stay organized instead of in a pile behind your seat. Our storage solutions are flexible and lightweight so that we can create what you need in your van without adding a ton of weight.


It may not be often that you need a winch, but when you do, you’re giving yourself a face palm for not spending that extra money. With a winch, you could save hours of waiting for a tow truck to get you out of a bind. Add winches to tractor trailer trucks, utility trucks, pickups and any other vehicle that might need a heavy-duty winch to get you or a co-worker out of a bind.

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