Has your business grown over the past year? Are you ready for winter? Add the truck equipment you need to your truck or your fleet’s trucks before you actually need it. With winter comes bad weather and less sunlight to work. Adding equipment to your truck makes it much easier to work in unsavory conditions.


Instead of carrying your tools in buckets where they are left open to rain, snow, sleet and sticky fingers, have tool boxes installed in your truck. Choose boxes that sit in the bed or on the bed rails of a pickup. You also have several options for vans and work trucks to make the most of the space you have available.

We have several brands of tool boxes so you are able to choose the box that best fits your needs, whether you have a lot of small hand tools or you need space for larger tools. Our boxes also lock to keep your tools safe when you are not near your truck. Tool boxes also keep the tools organized so that you or your fleet employees find what is needed quicker, which means you get the job done quicker.


With the coming of winter, the days also get shorter. This means that you may need some lighting to finish a job or to work on an emergency job that might come in after hours. Choose from several types of lights, light bars, safety lighting, beacons and camera systems so that you are able to take emergency calls or finish a job after it gets dark.

We also have cabinet and meter lights, junction boxes, cable and wire, plug checkers, trailer remote lighting testers, wire connectors, wiring harnesses, work lights, strobe lights and roadside emergency kits to help you with light and safety while you are working outside.


Working during the winter months poses an additional danger: sliding off the road because of ice. Attaching the appropriate winch to your truck may help you get out of a slick situation and back on the job as long as your truck isn’t damaged. You may also use a winch to help a co-worker out of a bind or to move heavy items such as a tree or phone pole out of the way if you can’t wait for someone to come with better equipment.

Salt Spreaders and Snow Plows

It may be beneficial to add a salt spreader and/or a snow plow to your truck if many of your clients are off the main roads. Should your customer have an emergency and his or her road or driveway isn’t cleared, you’ll be able to get to that customer. For smaller businesses, you could also make a little extra money with your snow plow by clearing driveways and parking lots for private businesses and individuals.

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