Selecting the Right Truck Tool Box

Whether you work for a company and want your own toolbox or you have a fleet of trucks that need to be fitted for a truck tool box, you need to ensure the box is the right size for your needs. Drake-Scruggs carries several types of truck toolboxes, including above body boxes, cross boxes, top lid boxes, low profile boxes, saddle and underbody boxes.

The Best Size Truck Toolbox

Not only does the toolbox have to fit your needs, it must fit your truck. Our technicians will measure the truck to determine what size toolbox fits the truck, and from there you’ll be able to give some input on what you need. Measurements include the height of the bed wall, the distance between the inside of the bed rails, the distance between the outside of the bed rails and the distance between the base of the wheel wells and the bulkhead.

The toolbox should not hang off the sides of the truck, nor should it block your vision in the rearview mirror.

Other Considerations When Choosing a Truck Toolbox

A toolbox provides a way to keep your tools organized so that you are able to find them easier. This means that you are more efficient at your job since you are not looking for a tool that rolled under the seat or under a piece of equipment in the bed of the truck.

Another consideration – an important one at that – is safety and security. Whether you purchased tools for the fleet or employees purchased their own tools, there is a lot of money tied up in those tools. With the right truck toolbox, you’ll keep your tools secure and safe. When choosing a specific style of tool box, you should ask yourself several questions. You’ll need to know which tools will be stored in the truck toolbox to ensure you have enough storage. This means that you might need something with larger compartments for the larger hand tools, including saws and hydraulic equipment.

Accessibility is also important. If you frequently access the toolbox, you’ll want to be able to walk up to the box and grab what you need instead of climbing all over the truck or past big equipment that is stored in the bed.

Also, you’ll need to determine how much cargo room you need. If you need a lot, you’ll want something that rides on the bed rails or under the bed instead of taking up space in the bed.

Finally, choose the material for the box. Several choices are available, including aluminum, steel, and plastic. For heavy duty use and the most protection, aluminum or steel are the best choices. Some boxes are designed for specific industries. If you are choosing a box based on industry, make sure it’s easily accessible, that it has enough space, leaves enough cargo space open in the bed and that the box is strong enough.

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