Even though it’s only September, it’s time to get your snow plow ready for another season. You never know when an early snowfall might surprise you, and you definitely want to be ready, especially if you have a fleet of snow plows. You’ll also want to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the plowing season. After all, snow plow maintenance isn’t going to do you any good if your vehicle is not up to the job. Bring your plow and truck into Drake-Scruggs for maintenance. If you do choose to do your own plow maintenance, remember to keep the moldboard lowered to the ground while you are servicing it.

  • Check the hydraulic fluid reservoir for leaks. Top it off and always make sure it’s full. When you check the fluid, the lift ram should be retracted or in the down position. If you did not replace the hydraulic fluid at the end of the previous season, drain it, flush the system and replace it with new hydraulic fluid before you start this season.
  • Lubricate all of the pivot points and grease all of the pins with chassis lube.
  • Check the cutting edge. When it gets to 3 ½ inches, it’s time to replace it. Standard cutting edges are 5 inches, so if it’s close to that 3 ½-inch mark, replace it before the snow starts flying.
  • Check all of the mounting bolts and make sure they are tight, even if you just installed the plow for the season. After the first plowing session, recheck the mounting bolts to ensure they are tight. You should also check the mounting bolts several times throughout the season.
  • Check and adjust the spring tension. The top lock nut should be four turns past the point you notice the separation of the spring coils. Tighten the bottom lock nut so the eye bolt is held in position.
  • Check the black and yellow powder coating for rust. If you see rust, contact Drake-Scruggs for touch up to keep the plow from further rusting.
  • Coat the lift rod with chassis lubricant to help minimize rust. This part of the maintenance should be done after the last plowing session and before the first plowing session of the season. Check it throughout the season to lube it up you notice it rusting during the season since the lift rod is prone to rust.
  • After you complete maintenance, test the plow by working the hydraulics.

Contact Drake-Scruggs

If you prefer having your plows maintained by professionals, contact Drake-Scruggs to set up an appointment to service and maintain your plows. If your plow is not working properly, contact us for repairs. And, if it’s time for new plows, visit us to choose new snow plows for your fleet. We have several brands and types of plows for you to choose from, depending on the type of plowing you do.